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In Outliers, I want to do for our understanding of success what Stewart Wolf did This is a book about outliers, about men and women who do things that are out. PDF | On Jun 1, , Jim Deleo and others published Outliers: The Story of Success. Author Gladwell examines such “outliers” from novel and unexpected . Malcolm Gladwell is most known for his books, “The Tipping Point: How little The power of thinking without thinking”, and “Outliers: The Story of Success”.

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Outliers Gladwell Pdf

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Unedited pointwise summary by Swapnil Bhatia. March 16, 1 Introduction. In the early s, villagers from Roseta in. Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. Review by Dr. Greg Wiens. Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell is never content to accept the status quo. Outliers: The Story of Success In this stunning new book, Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of "outliers"--the best and the.

Gladwell demonstrates the tenets of his consistent style. He cites many examples from wide-ranging fields and claims that the aggregation of those examples defines a principle. He describes behaviors and ideas in the abstract and then makes them concrete by telling memorable stories that illustrate them. He writes with a great deal of momentum, which is no easy feat. His narrative always seems to have the most powerful flow around ideas that might not stand up so well to deeper scrutiny. Supposed facts or conclusions you might question somehow surge past in a flood of highly readable prose. One reason Gladwell is so popular and his books are such runaway bestsellers is that, while easy to read, they make you feel smarter. Gladwell provides perfectly sized nuggets of semi-information to spur watercooler or road-trip conversation.

It was very hard not to think of my own life while reading this book.

And this did not make me feel comfortable. I guess we are all fairly predictable, and one of the things that makes us especially predictable is that we generally like to have our prejudices confirmed. We download books that tell us over and over again what we already know and believe.

The Left Behind series is just one such example, as are most self help books. But there is a much better sensation we can get from a book, although this is much more rare. It is when the person you are reading starts telling you the deeper reasons why your beliefs are valid and not just based on prejudice.

I have always believed talent is another although, less apparent and all too vague word for hard work.

Outliers: The Story of Success

This book confirms those prejudices. First he talks about ice hockey and a fascinating fact about the birthdays of the best players. They are all born at around the same time of the year. It is as if there is a cut off date for when you will be a professional ice hockey player — and, in fact, there is. The short version is that if you are born on the wrong side of the date they use to group kids into age levels you are likely to be a year younger than the other kids you are playing ice hockey with and therefore a year smaller than them too.

That is going to make them look like they are better players than you are — and they will be too.

Outliers: Summary & Review

A year at 10 is a huge difference, a huge advantage. And then we compound that advantage, by giving the older kids more practice, more experience in games and then more experience and more practice until there is no way the kid who happened to be born on the wrong side of the cut off date has any chance of catching up.

Essentially he shows that if you put in 10, hours on any task you will be highly proficient at that task.

Innate ability does not exist and ability is actually a function of effort expended. This is both liberating and incredibly challenging.

Challenging, because ultimately we are responsible for our own success as we are directly responsible for how much effort we are prepared to put in. The second great theme of this book is that where you come from matters.

Outliers Free Review by Malcolm Gladwell

The culture that we are from has a remarkable impact on the rest of our lives. When people in authority speak to you, you are probably less likely to question them. In fact, you might believe you should defer to them. Children born in the beginning of the year had more time to develop physically, which gave them an early advantage. Then they got positive reinforcement with feedback, results and encouragement to keep going.

Outliers: Summary & Review

They ended both having more opportunity to practice more and wanting to practice more, which kept them going. Outliers by Malcom Gladwell is possibly most famous for the The rule says that the people who reached the highest highs in their profession seemed to have trained for My Note: And reducing it to a number is simplistic.

Read more here: Gladwell looks at many successful tech entrepreneurs and notices that their birth dates also show a pattern: Success was also a product of the time in which they grew up Click To Tweet.

Chinese for example has shorter names for numbers. What difference does that make? Well, people can hold in their short term memories more of those numbers. And that provide an advantage in mentally handling them. The logical structure of languages also makes a difference.

The English language is not logical in the way it structures its number after This allows Asian kids, says Gladwell, to be one year ahead by age 6 when it comes to math. IQ points translate into success only up until Not every single field, but there are many. Once you are good enough, then the amount of time, energy and deliberate effort you put into those activities will make all the difference between you and the rest and in the final results you will get.

But some other times not so. The longer you stay at things, the better you are As simple as that, yet so powerful. Also read Grit by Angela Duckworth. The And the reality is, as usual, a bit more complex.

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